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Charles Tillman Answers Fans Questions
December 19th, 2012

Bears cornerback Charles Tillman answers email questions from fans:

Q: How many more years do you see yourself playing in the NFL?
-Isidro V.
Killeen, Texas

A: “As long as my body can tolerate the physical abuse and the physical trauma, I’ll play as long as I can. It’s not any harder to get ready for a season. In the offseason, everyone’s body feels good. When I first started out, my goal was to play 10 years. Anything after that I was just going to see how my body felt.”

Q: How long do you warm up before a game? 
-Pete G.
Mission, Texas

A: “I do it moderation. To get completely warm all at once, it would probably take me 20 or 30 minutes. But the way I do it, it takes a couple of hours because I do a little here and a little there. Typically I get in the hot tub, and then I go see our chiropractor who works on me. I do my own warming up and then I wait for Lance [Briggs] and we go warm up together.”

Q: Who is your favorite team or person to play against? 
-Joseph B.
Indianapolis, Indiana

A: “It’s got to be Green Bay. I really like going against the Packers and Aaron Rodgers. I like playing against him and Greg Jennings because of the competitiveness and the whole rivalry.”

Which one of your former or current teammates have you learned the most from?
Keith R.

“Mike Brown, just due to his knowledge of the game and what he brought to the Bears and this organization as well as what he brought to us as players with his leadership and his smarts, his wits, and his ability to make plays and see the play before it actually happened.”

Is there a significant reason why you wear number 33? 
Dustin V.
East Peoria, Illinois

“No, there’s no significance to 33. It’s just a number that I happened to choose. It was never lucky for me. I had a chance to choose between 33, 47 and 38. I was about to change after my rookie year to 20, but I had a good rookie year and our equipment manager wouldn’t let me switch. I wore No. 5 in both high school and college. I just liked it because it was a single digit.”

What has been the greatest moment of your NFL career? 
Avraham E.

“The Arizona game in 2006 [when the Bears rallied from a 23-3 deficit to win 24-23], how we were down and came back in the fourth quarter. That was a great moment. It was the perfect team effort. That was a team working at its all-time best. It doesn’t get better than that to me.”

Q: What NFL player did you most admire while growing up? 
-Taylor W.Hope,

A: “I really didn’t watch a lot of football as a kid. I was a Michael Jordan fan. He just dominated the game and he could dunk, so every time I played basketball I would imitate him. I’d do the fade away and we used to dunk on eight-foot rims.”

Q: If you could play any position other than cornerback, what would it be and why? 
-Pete R.
Schaumburg, Illinois

A: “I would play defensive end because they’re like the defensive version of a receiver and the offensive tackles are like the offensive version of a corner. So I could impose my will. Watching what some of the great edge rushers like Julius Peppers, Clay Matthews, Aldon Smith and DeMarcus Ware do looks like a lot of fun.”

Q: Who is the most difficult player to tackle in the NFL? 
-Ryan G.
Baltimore, Maryland

A: “Adrian Peterson is pretty hard to tackle. He’s fast and he’s powerful. It’s like running into a freight train or getting into a head-on collision.”


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